31 Dec 2018 Watch Night Services

Page Under Construction, keep checking back till we finish posting all the messages and songs.


Wow – what a way to end 2018 and bring in 2019!  If you missed it, you missed a real blessing and this years attendance was a record.  We had a full evening and morning line up of preaching and songs with standard Baptist food and fellowship in between.

After a time of special singing and testimony, Bro Anthony Curley started the evening off preaching a convicting message entitled “HE is Worthy” from Revelation 5.  There is no way to exhaust His Praise, but his message outlined how our Savior is worth of our Shout, Steadfastness, Separation, Suffering and Submission.  As 2019 begins, HE is Worthy of our praise and presence and so much more – where will you be found this year?

Bro Steve Powers (Pastor of Oconee Baptist Church) preached a powerful message from Romans 8 on “You can Enjoy or Endure the Trip”.  How would you label your trip?  Do you trudge through ritualistically or is your Christian walk a joy?  We too often miss seeing the privileges and even the blessing of being “conformed” in His image.  Rom 8:29 speaks of that conforming which requires some trouble, molding, shaping and bending – we don’t enjoy that portion and too often our escape artwork performance simply prolongs HIS conforming in our lives.  Praise God He is ever present and at work in our lives – You can Enjoy or Endure it!

Bro David Young (Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church) preached a powerful message on the prodigal son from Luke 15.  Too often we let familiarity of a text rob us from the blessing of the message.  But Bro David took an encouraging look at the story of the Prodigal entitled “Don’t take for Granted the Left Overs”.  After the prodigal came to himself “in need” and returned to the father, he identified some things of “plenty” he had taken for granted while growing up in his house.  There was plenty with the Father, plenty of servants, bread, robes (they all fit), rings shoes (polished in anticipation of his return?), calves (likely seen in the stall daily by both brothers) and Praise God there was plenty of Forgiveness. Have you taken all The Lord has blessed you with day after day?

Following a time of food and fellowship, Bro Michael Sales preached a wonderful message that encompassed all the previous messages on ” The Knowledge of Gods Love”.  In spite all God knows about us – HE still loves us.


Bro Joe Bryant finished the evening and bought in the new year ending in church wide prayer.  His test was from Psalm 103 and entitled “God’s Gracious Benefits”.


Praise The Lord for the worship in song and uplifting music!  Here are some of the special music throughout the night and morning.