Feb 2016 Revival with Bro Larry Wells

Praise the Lord For His Wonderful Mercy and Grace!  We were privileged to have Bro Larry Wells with us from 7-10 Feb and if you were able to attend, you left with your cup overflowing!  Here are a few of the songs and sermons from the meeting.  Thanks to all that attended and we trust the many decisions that were made will have a lasting impact on your life and others.

7 Feb 16 SS: Tools God Gives us for Rest

7 Feb 16 AM: The Effects of the Blood of Jesus

7 Feb 16 PM: The Profit of Coming To Church Right

8 Feb 16: Gods Settlement For Mans Selection

9 Feb 16: Saving Yourself

10 Feb 16: In The Light Of Filling Your Basket


Songs throughout the week: