2018 Homecoming Services

Praise The Lord as HE knit the messages together!  We had a great time of Spiritual and Physical nourishment and great time of fellowship.  We missed you if you could not make it – so plan to join us next year whether your a current or previous member.  Here are the main messages and some songs from the day.

Dr Young started the morning services introducing Bro Preston Young who was a former member saved in the previous parsonage next door.  The church presented a framed plaque with a piece of the very carpet he came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ on.  What a blessing and privilege to see him and his family serving the Lord and currently pastoring a church in full-time ministry.

Bro Preston preached a wonderful message challenging us in this day from Eze 11:16 entitled “Our little Sanctuary” reminding us that our ability and privilege to attend, serve and worship is far greater than the building.  Where were you this morning – and more importantly, where will you be the next time the church doors are open?

Bro Ronnie Young (Founding Pastor of Grace Baptist Church) preached the AM message from Job 23:3 on “Its more than a seat”.  Do you need to be re-acquainted with your seat?  His outline brought a fresh perspective on the Mercy Seat, Judgment Seat and Heavenly Seat.  He shared a powerful reminder that the early Jews didn’t have a seat.  Not were they even allowed to worship at the Mercy seat and we wont be seated at the latter ones. How you handle your seat and apply what you hear from your seat has eternal impacts.  We have a seat for you!

Bro Bill South (former pastor for 16 years) closed the services for the day preaching on Tithing (okay, not really).  But he did follow the message themes preaching from II Kings 18 on “Survival for Revival”.  Its amazing how many “Christians” appear to be on life-support, just making it through their daily lives and going through the motions.  God wants you to have an abundant life and in this message he illustrates in the life of Hezekiah how this young king survived and saw (influenced) a revival in the land.  Amidst and wicked day and age, you can determine to do right and reap its benefits.

Praise the Lord, here at Grace Baptist Church – we have had a clear succession of Spirit filled pastors who have exemplified, encouraged and challenged us in our daily walk with the Lord.  Where were you this time last year, today and where will you be next year during Homecoming 2019 (if the Lord tarries HIS return)?  It will not be by accident – your choices and HIS Grace will determine the outcome.  Come worship with us as we endeavor to raise our families and influence our community for eternity with Christ.

Check back soon as we upload photos and videos from the day in testimony of the families who bear the fruits of their song (all 31 of them that were old enough to sing) “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”.