GBC Youth Choir

Led by Bro. Anthony Curley

16 Sep 15: GBC Youth Choir

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Song (Sarah Beth) April 17: The Blood Covenant

Song (Youth Choir) April 17:  Under The Blood

Song (Youth Choir) April 17: Gods Wonderful Book Devine

Song (Youth Choir) 16 Sep 15: Bless The Lord

Song (Youth Choir) 16 Sep 15:  It’s Good To Know I Know JESUS

Song (Youth Choir):  JESUS Buried My Past

Song (Bowen Boys): I’m So Thankful For The Cross

Song (Youth Choir): I’m On The Winning Side

Song: (Youth Choir) God Has Been So Good To Me

Song (Bro Anthony Curley and son Owen) 26 Aug 15: Daddy, Where Are You Going – Can I Come Too?

Song (Hannah) 29 Sep 15: I Know What A Savior He Is

Song (Troy Girls) 20 Sep 15 PM: I Just Never Had Imagined / I Want To Live My Life For You