Events and News

We continue to meet and worship in accordance with State and Federal guidelines. We understand your safety concerns and have multiple ways to stay connected as you exercise caution during this timeframe.  Stop by and Join US in our little space of Grace!

Additionally, Pastor utilizes an app called GoToMeeting and can share a link on request.  Please reach out to us if you did not receive the email with link and dial-in instructions which can be viewed from any location.  There is also a 1-800 number included for use if not utilizing a smartphone/computer and can be called for Audio-only streams from any phone.

Please – ensure you’re phone is muted when dialing in to prevent feedback, distractions and everyone else from hearing your communications.

Thank you for continuing to worship and serve our Savior during a time of temporal challenges.  This too shall pass – but how will you use this time to spiritually respond to a unsurprised God wanting to hear from you?

Esther 4:14. “For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and thy father’s house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?

Pastor has posted the Scripture reading for bulletin this month is Exodus 21-40 and Romans 1-16.  Where are you in your personal reading and prayer?  Send your prayer requests to Pastor Bowen and he’ll include them in prayer list distributions as we unit in prayer regardless our physical location.


Other opportunities for old fashioned preaching without missing your local services posted as available:

11-15 Feb 20: Revival at Antioch Baptist Church with Pastor David Young.  Guest Preacher is Bro Johnny Jones.

17-21 Feb 20: Revival at Smithboro Baptist Church with Pastor Joe Ezzard. Guest Preacher is Bro Leland Frazier.

7-8 Feb: Annual “David and his Mighty Men’s Conference at Glory Land Baptist Church – with Pastor Chad Watson.  If your a man and want to draw closer and do more for God – you need to be at this conference!

Heart of Georgia Baptist Camp Meeting Nov 6-9.

4 Jul 19:  Special Old Fashioned Service at Antioch Baptist Church, Harlem Ga.  Services begin at 6PM.  Never without a blessing if you’re able to attend.  Bring your old fashioned Bible for some old fashioned preaching (Overalls welcome).

1-5 Jul 19: Special Revival meeting at Faith Baptist Church in Midville GA.  Bro Leake will be preaching another week following at great meeting last week.  Bro Stu following the leading of the Lord, extended the meeting and you’ll sure to be blessed if you can attend.  Contact Pastor for times and information as needed.


21 Jul 19:  Teen Turn Out at Pleasant View Baptist Church in Taylor’s SC

Pleasant View Baptist Church invites other churches to bring their youth groups to our location for a spirit-filled meeting and fun activities. Fashioned around Godly preaching and good, old-fashioned fellowship, Teen Turnout is a great time for teens and young adults.

This year, the meeting is planned for a weekend in late July or August, with a service on Friday night starting at 7:00 PM and activities after the service late into the night. Saturday morning brings with it another service at 10:30 AM, and afterward, lunch and more activities until 2:00 PM. This allows the visiting churches to make it back to their home churches in plenty of time for Sunday worship. Activities may include volleyball, basketball, football, ping-pong, air hockey, and an assortment of table games.


1-2 Feb 19: The Pastor and His Mighty Men’s Conference at Glory Land Baptist Church in Hartsville SC.  Pastor Chad Watson host Pastor with theme “Strengthen My hands” Nehemiah 6:9.   If your man enough to be on the front line of battle in these last days – this conference is for you. Services start at 7PM on Friday and 9-3 on Sat.






20 April 19:  Put it on the calendar now – “We Stand With God Rally” at Liberty Plaza, Atlanta Ga.  State Coordinator Pastor David Young invites you to help us assemble at the State Capital to make a difference! For more information visit


31 Dec 18: This years annual Watch Night services will be hosted here at Grace Baptist Church.  Come join us as we Preach and Pray in the New Year.  What better way to start off 2019 in HIS house and with HIS people.  We’ll have some food and fellowship breaks so come and stay as long as you can.  Services will begin at 7:30PM.

21 Oct 18: Don’t miss our Homecoming Services! We will have food and fellowship after the morning services so stay and join us.

Every Tues night in August: “Awesome Preaching in August” at Antioch Baptist church in Harlem Ga. Services start at 7PM each night with different guest speakers each Tue night. Don’t miss it!

11-14 June 18: Youth Conference at Antioch Baptist Church. Multiple preaching services available daily around standard events for the youth. Pray the Lord moves in the hearts of our young people!

20 May 18: Guest Preaching with Dr R.G. Smith (IBOM missions). Morning services will be standard times with evening services at 2:30 following a time of food and fellowship.

2-6 May 18: Missions Conference with Bro Joe Bryant

8 April 18: Pastor Bowen preached a powerful message from Psalm 19 on “Secret Sins”. He emphasized that no matter how we try and cover them – God sees them and is taking notes. Psalm 19:12-13 starts with error, then secret sins, presumptuous sins before great transgression. As on the interstate – there are exits to get on the right track and change directions.

Other opportunities for old fashioned preaching without missing your local services posted as available:

2-6 Oct 17 – Revival at Grace Baptist Church in Eatonton GA (speakers (among others) Lee Davis and Tony Hutson)

15 Sep 17 – Youth Meeting at Bro Hayes’ in Ochlocknee, GA

Awesome Preaching in August at Antioch Baptist Church in Harlem, GA. Special Preacginh every Tues night in August at 7:30 Pm.

4-5 August 17: Youth Rally at Pleasant View Baptist Church in Taylors SC.

28 April 17: Youth Rally at Morningstar Baptist Church

21 April 17: We Stand With God Rally (11am – State Capitol Plaza, Atlanta)

5-8 Feb 17: Revival with Bro Larry Wells

26 Feb 17: Special services with Bro Marion Atkinson

19-22 Mar 17: Revival with Bro Larry Youngblood

24 Mar 17: Youth Meeting at Liberty Baptist Church

Here are some photos during our renovations. Praise the Lord for HIS blessings!

Events from the past:

image image

5 Dec 2015 – Family day

Praise the Lord for His wonderful works and time of fellowship with our church families. After our normal Sat time of soul winning and visitation we returned to the church for some food and fellowship. If you weren’t there you missed it. Even Bro Alan Troy illustrated how to walk on a super sized volley ball! Come join us next time!

image image


1-2 November 2015 Youth Trip to Ocklocknee GA: What a time as we took a van and three other car loads down to be an encouragement to Bro Gwin Hayes and Liberty Baptist. What a surpise as the Lord showed up and we were blessed and encouraged the more. 3 were saved from our church during the Friday night Jubilee. Thank to Liberty Baptist for the wonderful welcome and fellowship!