Fall Festival now Dec. 5th

Due to rain this weekend we postponed the Fall Festival till Dec. 5th.   Remember the Sportsman Festival in Warrenton this week on the 14th. We will be there passing out Bibles and tracts.  Appreciate all the ladies who are making cookies for that day!

Mary meets the Master

Mary Meets the Master Consider the appearance of Jesus to Mary in the garden. First, there was a misery. "Woman, why weepest thou?" There was a mystery. Mary didn't know where to find her Lord. So many today are out of touch with Jesus, not living in vital communion. When Mary recognized him, she called Him Master. The cure for the misery is to see the Master and acknowledge Him. There was also a mission. "Go to thy brethren and say..." When we meet the Master, He commissions us. The read more...