The Departing Angel

The Departing Angel

And forthwith the angel departed from him.
Acts 12:10

The angel had brought Peter out of prison through the gate and safety outside. Now the miracle was over and the angel took his leave. Peter was on his own.

God intervenes by His angel many a time to loose our souls from prison. He does the supernatural thing when the occasion demands it. But He does not perform miracles when we can get along without them. He let us do the thing we can do for ourselves, all within the circles of His grace of course.

Peter shifted for himself when he came to and realized he was not dreaming. Some saints expect angels to wake them up and serve them breakfast in bed. Do not expect the supernatural when God would have you proceed in the normal natural course of things. Peter did not sit down and wait for another angel-he headed toward a prayer meeting.

Thank God for His angels, but they depart. Trust His indwelling Spirit to guide you every day, miracle or no miracle. Angels come and go, but He abides.

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