Acceptt it, affirm it, and assert it.

Almost twenty centuries after it happened, churchmen are still sitting in panel discussions arguing over whether or not the resurrection really took place. If we have not arrived at head-certainty by now, we had better explore some other avenue. The shortest and surest road to assurance in this matter is to accept the Bible as God’s Word by faith and see what happens. It proves itself, and men who have dared to say, “Let God be true but every man a liar,” have found themselves in possession of a weapon before which the devil himself gives way.

I have a life with Christ to live;
But ‘ere I live it, must I wait
Till learning can clear answer give
To this and that book’s date?

Absolutely not! God’s Word is its own best argument. Its authenticity and reliability are built in and beyond the shadow of a doubt to any who will accept it, affirm it, and assert it.
-Havner Quote-

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