Meet Our Pastor


Pastor Jesse Bowen is a humble man of God, Mighty in Preaching and Prayer.  If you’re looking for a routine service – it will have to be down the road.  He strives to remain sensitive to the Holy Spirit for each service and it’s often in the testimonies and prayer time that direction comes.  At Pastor Bowens request we will only post occasional messages and sincerely desire your prayers and presence.

His message 17 Jan 16, for example was from Acts 11:23 and the purpose of Barnabas. Does your life have purpose?  Do you want it to count and have value?  Be decisive and determined in living your life for God and He will give you that purpose.

No life turns out for God with joy by accident – in prayer time before the service Pastor Bowen stated he sincerely desired HIS (The Lords) purpose in your life far more than fancy cars and homes.  Like Solomon determined at the end of Ecclesiates, all things outside the center of HIS will for your life are empty and vain.

Seek HIM!  Is there Purpose in Your Life?

8 April 18: Pastor Bowen preached a powerful message from Psalm 19 on “Secret Sins”. He emphasized that no matter how we try and cover them – God sees them and is taking notes. Psalm 19:12-13 starts with error, then secret sins, presumptuous sins before great transgression. As on the interstate – there are exits to get on the right track and change directions.  If your still breathing there is time for a change in direction before you arrive at your destination of great transgression.

A Few Messages from our Pastor:

2 June 18 PM:  Sermon titled “Drawing Night to God”.  Have you ever drawn nigh to God? – He hasn’t moved…     James 4:8 Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.


20 Sep 15 PM: Sermon title “The Problem of Assurance”.  This message covers some things Assurance “is” as well as “is not”.


20 Sep 15 AM: Sermon titled “Carnality” by Pastor Bowen.  This message followed a Sunday School hour that started as a devotion and turned into him calling two other men from the floor to preach messages the Lord had laid on their hearts.  The Lord stirred and blessed as all three messages knit to this message.  Praise The Lord!


16 Aug 15 PM: Song (Bowen Family): Praise The Lamb, I’m Born Again – sermon follows

16 Aug 15 PM: Sermon by Pastor Bowen from Nehemiah 8.


23 Aug 15 AM  Sermon titled “He Sought Jesus” by Pastor Bowen.  He preached a familiar passage in Luke 19:3 on where the little man named Zacchaeus inconvenienced himself and sought JESUS.  In verse 5, JESUS saw him and change was ushered in.  Seek and Keep your eyes on HIM!


19 Aug 15 Wednesday Night Sermon titled “Misery Is Optional” by Pastor Bowen.  He preaches from James 1:4-5 and addresses what our response should be in the midst of trials.