March 2018 Revival with Bro Larry Wells

4 Mar 18: Wow – You missed a great start to the meeting this morning as Bro Larry Wells opened SS hour from Joshua 7 on Achan and his attraction to his “self”.  In a society obsessed with “Selfies” he covered the topic of “The Tragedy of Selfie Love”.

The Tragedy Of Selfie Love

In the worship hour, he continued the message of Love from John 3:16 and although that text can never be exhausted – this one will show you three definite areas of God’s “Infinite Love”.  If it doesn’t light your fire when captures when His Love for You started – Your wood is wet!

Infinite Love

Sunday Night continued as Bro Wells preached from John 15 on the Parable of the Vine and Branches and entitled in “Abiding in HIM”.  In the sermon he asks some serious questions only you can answer: “Are you really enjoying your Christianity? Are you just going through the motions and faking it or, is there something in your heart that really enjoys being a Christian?”  The purpose of this parable is answered in John 15:11 “that your joy might be full” and is attainable!

Abiding In HIM

5 Mar 18: Monday Night and Bro Wells preached a powerful message on the “Power of Your Position In Him” from John 15.  You’ll quickly realize through relevant illustrations that we (as children of God) have power through our relationship in Christ.

The Power Of Position In Him

6 Mar 18: Tues Night and Bro Wells again preached from John 15 on “The Power in Purging”.  During the message he clearly explained the differences in Drastic and Developmental Purging.  Just as tree branches are pruned – so the branches are pruned for greater fruit of vine.  And all these messages are still the preface to the goal of this parable in vs 11 “That Your Joy Might Be Full”.  Praise God He even allows us to purge ourselves as shown in vs 3 “through the word”!

7 Mar 18:  Wed Night.  Excellent close to the meeting as Bro Wells preached from John 15 on “Abiding In Prayer”.  Does it seem like God is not hearing your prayers?  Bro Wells clearly preached from Gods word that although God is a prayer answering God – there are some reasons why HE doesn’t always answer prayers.  During message he shared some practical helps to your prayer life including keeping a written record of your prayers to remind you of all the answered prayers in your life.  How is your prayer life?

Some special singing during the meeting:

song – The Dearest Friend I Ever Had

song – Ive Never Been Disappointed With Jesus

song – I Love You Lord

song – Saved To The Uttermost

song – Its Been Worth It All

song – Thank God For Grace

song – Grace for Grace

song – Father to the Fatherless

song – Lord Here’s My Basket

song – Treasures Unseen

song – There aint Nothing Better Than Jesus

song – Thank You Lord