March 2019 Revival with Bro Larry Wells

You missed a blessing if you couldn’t make it.  Bro Billy Parson started the Sunday AM services with a wonderful message on “The Storms of Life” from Acts 27:14.  No matter your circumstances or situation there is a risen Savior greater than any Euroclydon in your life.

Bro Larry Wells continued Sunday AM with a message entitled “Where will you appear?” from I Peter 4:18.

Sunday PM Bro Wells preached a message entitled “Have You Been Found” from Luke 15.  Familiarity of common texts like the prodigal, often causes us to miss a truth the Lord has for us.  Praise the Lord for the clear presentation of HIS Word and attentive hearts.  One came to a saving knowledge of Christ before the service ended – Praise amd all glory to the Lord!

Monday night brought a message entitled “4 Things Common to those Truly Converted” from John 2.  That crowd in John 2 wanted to watch the show – True conversion required a repentance of sins and a change.  Praise the Lord another soul was saved before the night came to a close!

Tuesday night brought a message entitled “Don’t Trouble the Fountain or Corrupt the Springs” from Prov 25:26.  Lord help us never forget the impact we have on others with our ministry of refreshing waters!  Are you in need of cleansing and refreshment? You can have it!  Has your water become Murky?  You can be refreshed.

Wed night brought a tremendous message from Gen 1:5 and Rev 22:5 entitled “Walking in the Light”.  From the creation of light in Gen to its end in Rev 22 – god is present.  In your darkest hour we have the Light of the World!  Live In The Light of The Risen Lamb.