June 2016 Revival with Bro Joe Bryant

Praise the Lord for HIS continued presence!  Bro Joe Bryant started with preaching on “Things that Hinder Revival” and continued throughout the 3 day meeting identifying things that hinder the Lords working in our lives.  Typical of where HE is honored – the testimonies and special singing were Christ honoring and spirit filled!  Wish you could have shared the worship and fellowship with us and pray these small portions will continue to bear fruit in your life!

Some of the Special Singing and Testimonies

More Preaching to be added soon:

Bro Joe Bryant preaches a wonderful message of encouragement for the Christian who’s weary in the fight – Our Lord JESUS is the same God today and rest assure Christian.. “HE Cares For You” (text from I Pet 5)    ((sermon in 4 parts below))