March 2016 Service with Bro Ray Brown

20 Mar 2016 was special day with Bro Ray Brown preaching all three services on a surprising topic of “Being Disappointed With Jesus”.  Don’t let the title shock you as he addresses our human emotional frailty as illustrated from “Luke 7:23 And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me”.  He touches on some things that we may sometimes feel, whether we ever realize or verbalize it.  We trust this message will help encourage and better equip you when moments of confusion or disappointment appears in your life.

20 Mar 16 SS – Being Disappointed With Jesus – pt I

20 Mar 16 AM – Being Disappointed With Jesus – pt II

20 Mar 16 PM – Being Disappointed With Jesus – pt III

Bro Ray Brown singing “God Never Makes a Mistake”