Preaching at Grace

29 Sep 21 WED: Pastor Jesse Bowen preached an encouraging message from I Peter 5:7 entitled “Casting All Care upon Him”.  Amidst all the burdens and challenges we face, Praise the Lord we have a Savior who careth for you!

19 Sep 21 AM:  Pastor Jesse Bowen preached a powerful salvation message from Luke 14;18 on “Excuses Given, None Received”.  In an era where accountability is deflected and shunned, there will be a day when it cannot be avoided. What will be your response?

18 Jul 21 PM: Bro Ron E Young blessed us on a surprise visit and wonderful message from Prov 24:16 on “Falling and Fainting”

4 Jun 21 Youth Meeting:  Bro David Young preached an excellent message entitled “Stay Home”.

14 Oct 18 AM Devotional: You’ll get more help from our AM devotions than most “churches” across this great nation.  Lord help us realize the impacts of our individual choices.  Bro Anthony brought a powerful devotion to start the day on “There is a Lot to choose”.

12 Aug 18 PM: Praise the Lord for His Mercy and Grace!  The Adult Choir, Sis Hannah and the Trophies of Grace started the service this evening in worship and song.  Pastor Bowen preached from Psalm 102 on the topic of Loneliness.   Does it seem like you’re all alone and the burdens of life are heavy?  We serve a Risen Savior who said lo I am with you always.  Comfort and strength right on time.

12 Aug 18 AM:  Sorry you missed it, but you can listen to the message below.  Pastor Bowen preached a message from Isaiah 9:6 entitled “He is Wonderful”.  Not that we weren’t already aware – but we’d do well to meditate on His Greatness that exceeds the English language.  II Chr 22:5 says his house must be “magnifical”, how much greater the one we worship today.  We sincerely pray you have a true relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ!

5 Aug 18 AM:  We had the privilege to have Dr. Ronald Young with us for the day and he preached a very applicable message from Daniel 7:25.  You’ll find the prophetic phrase “wear out the saints” and Dr. Young centered on this thought.  He used a wood rasp as an illustration and walked us through many practical ways that satan works on our edges, grinding and filing away…  He ended in Psalm 92:10 with a challenge for “fresh oil” in our lives to make the files of the devil ineffective.

11 Jul 18:  If there has been any re-occurring theme to Pastor Bowens messages, it has been on “The Christian Home”.  The “home” is and has been under greater attacks in our nation and we have to personally recognize and protect it.  This evenings message was from Psalm 101 where you’ll find it laced with personal pronouns – “I Will, I Will, I Will”.  His title was “It’s got to be personal to have a Godly Home” – and you’ll find a Godly home will not be by accident.  Want something more for your home? So does the Lord and if you’ll make it personal and determine to have one – God will do only what HE can do in your home.

18 Mar 18 AM:  Bro Ray Brown spent the day with us and preached the morning service on “The Inner Man” from Ephesians 3:16 .  He shared a statement that should be telling for all Christians – “There is nothing good in the outer man, it reflects the inner man and any good in your life will come from within to the Glory of God”.

The Inner Man – Bro Ray Brown

18 Mar 18 PM – Bro Ray continued the evening service from Ephesians 3 and emphasized “The Love of Christ” from verse 19 And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God.  Although the Bible references he used needed no exposition – he shared 2 practical illustrations that will endure.  1.  A small girl asked her father how big she was – he answered about 3 feet – she asked how much do I weigh – he answered about 50 pounds — She then asked how tall JESUS was – he answered probably average height ~6 feet – how much did HE weigh – he answered probably 170-18lbs – she paused briefly and said Daddy, I know I’m saved to which he replied yes darling you are, I remember the day you asked HIM into your heart — after another longer pause, she asked… then how can JESUS fit inside me without coming out somewhere?  Like an expectant Mother – you can’t hide HIM living inside without it showing!!   2. When asked to describe the Love of Christ he reference vs 18 May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height;  (A story is told of a skeleton found near a wall with a cross carved on it.  On the tips of each end on the cross had the words in Spanish “Breadth, Length, Depth, Height”.  My friend – you can’t speak of the Love of Christ without passing by the Cross!!          Come visit us soon!
The Love Of Christ- Bro Ray Brown

19 Nov 17 AM: Bro Billy Parson spent the day with us and preached a message from II Timothy 4:14-16 on “Standing With The Man of God”.  Praise the Lord for the faithful Saints of God ministering for generations!

27 Sep 17 WED: Bro Mike Qualls spent the evening with us and brought a message from I Sam 17:17 entitled “Preacher, Here is My Pledge”.

23 Nov 16 WED: Bro Jared Young reached a powerful message challenging us on just how much you Love Your Savior.  “Why is My Beloved is Better”  Have you considered just how much He means to you?  Does it show?  Would anyone else have that perception?  Does HE?  Lord help us keep our priorities rightly placed in this day and age..

20 Dec 15 AM: Dr Ron Young visited Grace and preached a message from I Kings 14:1-2 on “I Must See Him”

20 Dec 15 PM:  Dr Ron Young visited Grace and preached from Esther 5:1 about “Putting On Your Royal Apparel”