Mary meets the Master

Mary Meets the Master

Consider the appearance of Jesus to Mary in the garden.
First, there was a misery.
“Woman, why weepest thou?”
There was a mystery.
Mary didn’t know where to find her Lord. So many today are out of touch with Jesus, not living in vital communion.
When Mary recognized him, she called Him Master.
The cure for the misery is to see the Master and acknowledge Him.
There was also a mission.
“Go to thy brethren and say…” When we meet the Master, He commissions us.
The church needs to see Jesus. “Then were the disciples glad when they saw the Lord,” not when they looked at each other. He is not real in our churches. If He were, we would not sit so lifelessly on Sunday, content with our formal uprisings and down-sittings, and go out as though we had met to honor a corpse instead of to hail a conqueror.
When we see Him, we shall quit looking at ourselves—and that ought to be a great relief. Some time ago, sitting in church, I gazed for a moment at a bright light overhead, and then when I looked around at the people I could see only the reflection of that light in their faces. And I wondered whether if we looked more at Him we should not see more of Him in our fellow Christians.
Amen!!!!! Brother Havner

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